Holistic and Functional Dentistry at NoPo Kids!

Holistic and Functional Dentistry at NoPo Kids!Here at NoPo Kids, we are more than just your run-of-the-mill conventional pediatric dentist office. We practice holistic and functional dentistry, which means that while we provide your children with routine cleanings and examinations, we also examine the root cause of any oral issues and provide treatment options using a holistic approach to address any underlying conditions.

We take a proactive approach to health and wellness not only for your child’s teeth but for his or her entire body! In conjunction with proper dental hygiene practices, a healthy diet and lifestyle can help to combat many common dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Our team is dedicated to helping your child develop healthy habits so that he or she can experience life to the fullest with a healthy body and a healthy smile.

Unlike conventional dentistry, functional dentistry looks beyond just poor dental hygiene practices as the cause of oral health problems. During your child’s appointment, we may ask some questions about his or her diet, sleep, and lifestyle habits that will better help us to diagnose and treat your child’s condition. Some questions we commonly ask include:

  • How much of your child’s diet is composed of foods with lots of sugar? Carbs? Acidic foods?
  • Does your child ever sip on a juice box or soda for long periods of time (an hour or more)?
  • Does your child breathe primarily through his or her mouth?
  • Does your child eat candy or other sugary treats throughout the day?
  • Does your child grind, snore, toss and turn, bet wet, or have other signs or symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing?
  • Are your child’s oral structures functioning and growing correctly and, if not, how can we intervene early to prevent future issues?
  • Are there other underlying issues such as digestion or food sensitivities that may bee affecting the oral microbiome?
  • How can we clean up our products and our homes to reduce toxin exposures?

We know that in today’s day and age it can be hard to ensure that your child is practicing healthy habits through diet and oral health habits. Fortunately, we are here to help best equip you and your family for success with nutritional and lifestyle counseling to aid in your child’s treatment.

Together, we will develop a treatment plan that will not only benefit your child’s oral health but will also allow them to have a balanced, nutritional diet and a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to providing comprehensive care, we strive to provide natural methods to ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatment. Some conventional methods of treatment are heavily reliant upon medications and substances that are not always ideal for the “whole body” approach we utilize. You can rest assured that our highly trained specialists’ best interest will always recommend the most natural treatment options with your child’s overall health in mind without sacrificing the quality of his or her dental care.

For more information about our functional and holistic approach to dentistry or to schedule an appointment, contact NoPo Kids Dentistry today.


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