The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation For Your Child

The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation For Your ChildRecently, the benefits of yoga for children have come into full limelight. Many school programs across the nation incorporate yoga and relaxation techniques into the classroom to help improve students’ attention span while promoting a healthy mind and body awareness.

During stressful times, it is common for children to feel the pressure of anxiety around them and begin to affect their ability to sleep, concentrate, and interact well with the world around them. Coupled with the lockdowns and school closures, children aren’t always able to release energy outside as they could before. However, studies have shown that yoga and meditation practices are an excellent way to help your child stay healthy–physically and mentally.

What Do Experts Say About Yoga and Meditation for Kids?

Research states that besides producing that relaxation effect, yoga and mindfulness improve your child’s mental focus and concentration.

Classrooms with yoga and meditation practices, provide a playful and nurturing space for kids to learn. Playful yoga poses paired with breathing exercises, healthy movement, and imaginative relaxation techniques help to teach children how to become centered, mindful, and have fun. While practicing yoga, children play and exercise by connecting with their inner-self and the natural world that surrounds them.

There are many benefits children can learn from practicing yoga such as increased flexibility, strength, concentration, awareness, and coordination. Let’s explore the benefits of yoga and meditation for your child.

Reducing Stress

Like adults, children also encounter numerous emotional, social, and physical pressures in their daily lives. But since they do not have healthy coping mechanisms, all the pressure can be overwhelming.

Yoga can teach your child about mindfulness, deep breathing, and focus, which helps them to relax. These techniques help to banish those scattered and distracted thoughts and allow your child to be in the present. The concentration found in these practices, coupled with a nice dose of poses and stretches, enables your child to learn to react and adapt to any given situation. As they do so, they also begin a self-discovery and inquisitive journey that makes room for higher levels of creativity.

Yoga and Your Child’s Health

In today’s world, there are many instances where children can become exposed and addicted to a wide range of devices that can make them almost become immobile. This can lead to various health issues such as daytime fatigue, lack of energy, and obesity.

Incorporating yoga and meditation into your child’s schedule can be a gentle way to help your child remain active and healthy. Regular yoga means engaging all their muscle groups leading to physical strength, balance, and coordination.


Children are often prone to disruption and commotion that may affect their overall attention span. In some cases, it can be overwhelming and affect their school work and social relationships. But meditation trains your child early enough to focus awareness while acknowledging how and what they feel. By focusing on their breathing and poses, they can gradually relieve tension and stress and begin to focus on the now and being present.

Basic Beginner Yoga Poses for Your Child

Starting your little one on yoga doesn’t have to be a sweaty affair. With a few uncomplicated poses, you would have begun the journey that will eventually benefit your child in all
ways. Here are a few easy poses to start with your child:

  • Tree Pose – Your child will need to stand on one leg, then bend the other leg inward eventually positioning its sole on the inner part of the standing leg.
  • Squat Pose – Have your child come downwards in a squat with their knees apart. Be sure the arms are resting in between the knees. They can then touch the same hands down on the ground while attempting a frog jump.
  • Butterfly Pose – Ask your child to sit down on their buttocks with a straight back. Let them bend their legs, with the soles of both feet touching. Then they can begin to flap their legs akin to butterfly’s wings.

Yoga is an excellent way to help your children find a sense of health and wellness both in mind and body through gentle and controlled movement. For more information on not only the benefits of yoga, but how it connects to whole body, airway, and oral health, please call today to schedule a consultation at contact NoPo Kids Dentistry today.


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