How to Prevent Cavities

How to Prevent CavitiesIt is no secret that many of us can have a sweet tooth, and our children are no exception! While it is fine to indulge in sweet treats every now and then, it is important to take the appropriate preventative measures to keep your child’s teeth healthy and free of cavities. Here at NoPo Kids, we take pride in helping our patients develop healthy habits and hygiene for their teeth, so we have put together a few helpful tips to help combat cavities.


Eating a healthy diet is an essential part of cavity prevention. In addition to avoiding sugary foods and drinks, it is important to include essential vitamins and nutrients to help strengthen tooth enamel and to help the body absorb essential minerals that are important to dental health. Consuming a diet that is rich in the following can help in the fight against cavities:

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Probiotics

Each of these plays a vital role in dental health and is part of a balanced diet. While some of these nutrients can be supplied through a regular diet, you may need to consider adding supplements in order to get a sufficient amount.

Additionally, consider reducing your child’s phytic acid intake. Foods such as beans, plant seeds, and grains tend to interfere with nutrient absorption, which can be counterproductive when trying to supply your body with the proper nutrients to support dental health. If you still wish to eat these types of foods, try soaking and sprouting them before eating them, as this reduces their amount of phytic acid.


We recommend brushing and flossing in the morning after breakfast, after lunch, and then before bedtime. Brushing and flossing keeps the amount of acid in the mouth at a low level decreasing the chance of cavities and tooth decay.

A lot of parents wonder when they should start brushing their children’s teeth. We recommend that parents brush their children’s teeth as soon as they can be seen. Baby brushes are perfect for this and not only can they remove bacteria from the teeth, but it gets them comfortable with having the brush in their mouth. Around age 2, a child should be trying to hold the brush and spit. A small amount of children’s toothpaste can be used at this time as well.

Even though young children may not consume a lot of sugar, some bacteria exist. Brushing and flossing can help children rid their mouth of bacteria and get them in the habit of good oral hygiene for when they do start consuming more sugary foods and drinks.

In addition to making sure your children brush and floss at least twice a day, you should also bring your children to us on a regular basis, beginning at age 1.

We are pediatric dentists who specialize in examining baby teeth and ensuring adult teeth are coming through correctly. By bringing your children in for routine examinations you will not only help them establish healthy dental habits and prevent cavities, but you will also help your children get comfortable seeking care from a dentist. During these appointments, we can help check for cavities and deal with any potential issues as soon as they arise.

For more information about how you can help your child prevent cavities or to schedule an appointment, contact NoPo Kids Dentistry today.

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