Talk to Doctor Staci!

We now provide virtual tele-dental-medicine appointments so you can connect with the amazing team at NoPo Kids Dentistry, no matter where you live on the planet! Get all your questions about your child’s oral health answered in our various oral health guidance appointments. You can upload helpful images, videos, X-rays, and treatment plans and receive either (1) a personal phone call from Doctor Staci where she can answer a very specific question (2) an opportunity to speak to Doctor Staci directly with a face-to-face virtual guidance appointment if you are looking for more of a conversation and more detailed information and recommendations. If booking a face-to-face with Doctor Staci directly, she will also provide various handouts, guides, and materials straight to your email address after your meeting. These are the same materials that all NoPo Kids patients receive when visiting us, so it will be like you are really part of the NoPo Kids Family. ❤️

If you are interested in a virtual consult, here is the info you will need to send to in ONE email. Subject line: Virtual consult

  • Child’s name and date of birth
  • Any recent x-rays or treatment plans
  • New patient paperwork filled out
  • Intraoral pictures taken (attach pdf to this page?)
  • What concerns do you have?

Once we receive this email, we will reach out to schedule and to collect payment.


What if I am a current patient?

We understand that sometimes you simply cannot make it in person to an appointment, but you still want to talk directly to Doctor Staci. These appointments are not covered by insurance, regardless if you are actively covered as a current patient of record.

What if I don’t have x-rays or intraoral pictures to send over?

Without current x-rays (ideally within three months time) Doctor Staci cannot properly diagnose and may not be able to provide a thorough recommendation or assessment. We will guide you on how to take intraoral photos at home using your smartphone.

When/how often does Dr. Staci book these consults?

We schedule these appointments on Wednesday afternoons, every other week. Please remember we are actively seeing patients in the office all day and this is currently the only available time we have open to talk to families.

What if I would like treatment done at your office?

If you would like treatment done at our office in the future, we do accept certain insurance plans. Please call our office to get a list of who we are in network with. If your insurance is out of network with us, we will collect up front for the visit and as a courtesy send a claim to your insurance for you. Whatever they reimburse for the visit, we will have them send it back to you in a check.

What if I live out of the country?

Can you accommodate my time zone? Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate different appointment times and strongly suggest the face-to-face virtual meeting format, as phone calls can be challenging.

How much does it cost and what is included?

Phone call appointments (20 minutes, phone call only) are priced at $250 and include a specific, problem-focussed opinion from Doctor Staci. Face-to-face, virtual conversations are $350 (30 minutes via a virtual meeting platform) and include a more specific and detailed conversation with Doctor Staci. She will have access to your intraoral photos and xrays, previous treatment plans, etc. and will be able to make tailored recommendations for your child. She will also include all handouts, guides, and product recs that she offers to our in-person families.