Doctor Staci’s favorite phrase is “Eat A Rainbow!” It’s an easy way to teach kids that foods that are vibrant and colorful are healthier for us. She and her team also talk at great lengths with families on the dangers of food dyes, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives in foods, as well as avoiding highly processed and acidic foods.
People in ancient civilizations had very few cavities or dental problems, despite the fact that they never brushed or flossed their teeth!

The first director of research for the American Dental Association, Weston A. Price, found that cultures of people who were hunter gatherers were mostly free of tooth decay and had straighter teeth than those of us living in regular cities. The prime reason? According to his research, it was their diet.

Eating a diet that is free of or limited in processed foods — such as processed grains and wheats— and one heavy in organic vegetables, grass fed animal sources, healthy fats and limited seasonal fruits and fermented foods, proves to provide your body with all the nutrients and vitamins that can make our teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities and other dental infections.

Doctor Staci is a knowledgeable counselor about the diet recommended by Weston A. Price, as well as his remineralization strategies at home. She can help navigate what is truly scientific and does (and does not) work. Doctor Staci is always trying to help families find resources for healthy, affordable food and to help navigate oral hygiene at home. As a mother of two young girls, she has lots of great ideas, tips, and tricks to share with you!

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