Doctor Staci has a passion for helping children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS), an often underdiagnosed and somewhat common condition in children. Doctor Staci’s Resident Research was in conjunction with the Children’s Sleep Clinic at OHSU and she feels passionately that all children should be screened potential OSAS. Who better than their dentist? Things that raise her eyebrows are if your child is a restless sleeper, if they sleep a full night but wake up exhausted, if they have adenoid faces (AKA: dark circles and the look of nasal congestion with mouth-breathing), if they are still bed-wetting at an atypical age, suffer from chronic snoring, or if they have hyperactivity or attention issues during the day. In fact, ADHD can be misdiagnosed when really your child has OSAS. If you have concerns that your child may potentially have OSAS let us know. We can help guide you to the proper resources. Call today for a consultation or let us know at your child’s next dental exam.

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